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Cleo II   Be more efficient.

Colour Tool
Available colours
Standard (Seamless upholstery)
Ultrasoft (Seamless or Luxury upholstery)
Colour Tool
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Cleo II   

Treatment Centres & 
Flexible Options 

  • Folding and extending legrest chair
  • Below-the-Patient swing-arm delivery system
  • Ideal console arrangement for Assistant’s ‘Preparation zone’
  • Rotating cuspidor 
  • Mobile delivery systems options
  • Air and Electric operating system
  • Seamless or Luxury upholstery
  • Standard or Ultrasoft upholstery colour options
  • Upgradeable Operator’s Console functionality


Operating Light Options

720SLR and 920LED Unit-mounted lights.


Built-In Options

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2016 Offers +

FREE NSK Nano 95LS Contra Angle + 
FREE upgrade to 900 LED Series light
with every Cleo II treatment centre.

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Cleo II


‘A’ and ‘E’ version
Base-mounted delivery system features include:

  • Height-adjustable Operator’s console with pneumatic lock 
  • Easy-clean membrane switch panel
  • 3-way autoclavable syringe
  • 4 handpiece outlets with individual air & water control
  • First priority handpiece selection
  • Handpiece line flush-out system
  • Handpiece oil mist collector
  • Rotatable cuspidor (90º)
  • Assistant’s console with balanced positioning
  • Assistant 3-way autoclavable syringe
  • Easily-detached HV & saliva ejector tubings
  • Automatic bowl-flush & cup-filler
  • Bottled water system
  • Assistant-side chair preset controls
  • Porcelain cuspidor bowl  

‘E’ delivery system includes the following additional features:

  • NSK NLX-Plus fibre-optic micro motor
  • Preset micro motor & torque control with Auto-Reverse & Digital display
  • First priority handpiece selection
  • 2 fibre-optic turbine hoses 
  • 1 handpiece outlet (Borden or Midwest)
  • Handpiece oil mist collector 

Cleo II dental chair features include:

  • Twin-articulating headrest
  • 8 preset positions, Last-Position memory (LP) & Auto-Return
  • Automatic extendable legrest with manual override & Auto Safety Stop
  • Foldaway, detachable armrest
  • Integral service centre with air & water regulators & pressure indicators   


Built-In Options

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Technical (mm and kg)

Cleo II chair heights (mm)

483 min. seat height 
748 max. seat height


Model & Built-in Options

Cleo II   


Cleo II built-in options
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Cleo II ‘Surgery System’ (‘A’ or ‘E’)


Cleo II ‘Flexible System’ chair and cuspidor
Clesta II Pedestal Cuspidor
Clesta II ‘M’ (‘A’ or ‘E’) / Voyager ‘M’ (‘A’) Module delivery system
Clesta II ‘MC’ (‘A’ or ‘E’) / Voyager ‘MC’ (‘A’) Mobile Cart delivery system

UNIT-MOUNTED LIGHT OPTIONS (other mounting options and lights are available)

720SLR Unit-mounted
920 LED Unit-mounted

UPHOLSTERY OPTIONS (‘Standard’ and ‘Ultrasoft’ colour ranges available)

Luxury upholstery in Ultrasoft fabric
Seamless upholstery in Ultrasoft fabric
Seamless upholstery in Standard fabric
Combine with

Cleo II   

OPERATING LIGHTS 700 Series and 900 LED (various mounting options are available)

700 Series
900 LED Series

X-RAY UNITS Phot-X II and 097 Belray II (various mounting options are available)

Phot-X II
097 Belray II
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